My love and experience in printmaking evolved from my love of Art especially drawing and painting, I was trained in General Illustration [HSD] and my degree was in Art in the Community  [BA/Hons], to further and continue my personal development I moved into printmaking which I studied at Art college. All my current prints are hand pulled/burnished relief prints.

I currently work as an Art teacher, teaching art at KS3 at a secondary school based in South Bucks.

Education and Training

  • Foundation Art and Design, OSD, Richmond-Upon-Thames-College, Twickenham, 1980;
  • General Illustration and Design, HSD, Richmond-Upon-Thames-College, Twickenham, 1983;
  • Graphics and Computers, B/Tec, WAES, London, 1996;
  • Access to teacher training, TRAC, Uxbridge College, Middlesex, 2003;
  • Art in the Community, BA [Hons], Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, 2004;
  • PGCE Secondary Art KS 3, 4&5, University of Hertfordshire, Herts, 2006.

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