Style and Influences

I like to work in a graphic style, drawing is my strength and I am passionate about drawing and relief printmaking positions itself to elevate my art.

I like the work of many historical artists and printmakers, they include:

Kathe Kollwitz, a master draughtswoman and campaigner for social consciousness and human verities.

Leopoldo Mendez, for his revolutionary art, social agitator and oratory in his print making.

Claire Leighton, for her style and technique in print making.

The Grosvenor School, for their futuristic abstract concepts and cutting-edge styles in print making.

I also like contemporary artists’ Swoon for her urban [art] wheat paste prints and paper cut-outs and Mode 2, for his draughtsmanship, style and concepts.

My inspirations are formulated from literature and ‘things’ from our everyday world. 



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